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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 3, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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place to be followed not broken. that is the most important lesson to teach. >> rose says how can you live with yourself if you let a child go through the lunch line and is hungry. you should get her a medal. >> thanks for watching and thank you for responding. >> have a great day. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning, it is wednesday june 3rd, 2015. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck this is a fox news alert for you. brand-new overnight a terror takedown. a man believed to be tied to isis shot and killed by police after attacking them with a knife. moments ago, authorities making another arrest in connection with the potential terror network. breaking details for you on this, just moments away. have you noticed, crime is actually surging in major cities across the united states homicide up by 100% in one koeát(q what do they have in common? they have something. we'll tell you about it straight ahead as we report and you
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decide. nearly 3,000 americans were killed 9/11. this professor said america overreacted to the terrorist attack. the reason might have you outraged unless you're british. mornings are better with friends. life from studio e as in elizabeth hasselbeck. she returns. you know what? she's got a part-time job where she's hosting in nashville. >> was in nashville. we were at the grand old opry. i was in a lip sync battle. there i was pretending to be toby mac. and yep, the spirit just got ahold of me. you just got to go for it. we've got other highlights.
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this is just so -- >>öman, you were great. >> there is toby macwatching watching it. i didn't realize he was watching. >> how did you rehearse it? >> i couldn't rehearse it fully. >> did they come up for you look at the run down we have you dancing or did you say what would you like to do? >> i pitched the concept. >> you pitched the concept? >> i said that not realizing that would be what i have to do. >> your dream came true. >> it did. i walked away with a charley daniels fiddle. >> that's perfect. you stole charley daniels fiddle. crime is going through the roof. >> i'm glad to be with you in new york city and with your at home. we start with the fox news alert right now a second man is under
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arrest in boston with possible ties to the knife wielding terror suspect shot dead by police. this as president obama signs the united states freedom act. reforming the government surveillance program that could make it easier to track é/ terrorists. kristin fisher is live with us from washington. what do we know this morning and good morning to you. >> good morning. we know a second suspect in the boston area has now been arrested. this comes after a police officer and an fbi agent shot and killed a man with a knife. a man who had been under 24 hour government surveillance. listen to how it all started. >> we have a gentleman, black male, six feet beard, he's coming out armed with a knife. >> that man has been identified. the feds had been monitoring him for 18 month. he's been under 24 hour surveillance for the past three weeks. he's accused of expressing interest in attacking police officers. yesterday morning a police officer and a member of the fbi's joint terrorism5e task force
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approached him outside the cvs where he worked in boston. >> there was enough information there we thought it was appropriate to question him about his doings today. and that's when -- sort of unprovoked he came out with a knife. >> police say they tried to get him to drop the knife but were forced to shoot him when he refused to do it. investigators are trying to determine when he was inspired by isis. >> we say hi to them every day. they're out to hurt us. >> keep in mind this all happened on the same day that president obama signed that controversial bill regarding your phone records and the nsa. what this bill will do is it will transfer the government's collection of your phone records to telecommunications companies. the bill does reserve some other surveillance authorities including the lone wolf provision. that allows the government to spy on [ já) citizens even with no connection to a terrorns
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group. that terror suspect killed in boston is a perfect of example of when that lone wolf provision might be used. >> if there's no known ties why are we going to infringe on that person's rights and liberties. maybe because they have a knife or gun and want to kill cops. >> we'll give you more on that as it develops. did you realize there is a crime wave hitting the united states. we have a graphic to show you. in this past year look at this -- this is crime up in cities across the united states. these are homicide. homicides in 2015 are up 117% in mitt walky. here in new york city which the mayor have said it's the safest big city, murder is up 13%. the question is éwhy. a lot of people are saying it's
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probably the ferguson effect. >> maybe actually the leaders, too. when you think the two decade long crime decline may be over. you say thanks to who? it may be the mayors. you look at the atlanta's mayor a st. louis's, and right here in new york city is bill de blasio. those are the leaders in the cities with uptick in violent crime. >> this is the first time at the beginning of 2014 we were in a 20 year decline in crime in major cities. and crime in the united states of america, that is all reversed in the blink of an eye. you have to ask yourself about new york. this campaign says it's not okay to destroy a projects.
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stop with the broken windows and let's fix crime from the bottom up. it's not okay to walk away from small crimes to attack big crimes. the mayor reversed all that. it began with his attack on stop and frisk. a proactive police technique that produced results. >> billhe said it can reduce crime.dx >> the crime here by the end of may there were 113 murders last year in new york city. this year there have been 125. that's a 20% jump. >> the guy who referred to this as the ferguson effect is st. louis top cop sam doddson. what he said is because cops are so worried that in this climate where the mainstream media everything is filmed and taped you'll wind up on the news. these cops if they make the
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wrong arrest will wind up losing their job, family. they could wind up in prison. they're backing off.od you've got local cops who are worried. local mayors who they're instituting liberal policies that they've been talking about for years. you've got the president of the united states and also eric holder who have in the last year, eric holder is gone of course -- in the last year or so two of them have talked about how local police shops are biassed. >> the rhetoric has been very negative. and anytime there's a positive movement in terms of their verbiage when it comes to police it's been coupled with a but. and josh earnest at the white house said the white house's rhetoric on the police has been positive. watch this. really? >> i think anybody who has lisrq the last several months has heard the president talk about the important work that local police officers do in communities all across the country. >> he÷ as at times talked about
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the positive things. he's talked about the negative things at a level and at a time that caught many orphf us by surprise. >> last year the events in ferguson and new york exposed a deep rooted frustration in many communities of color around the need for fair and just law enforcement. one of the things i think frustrated the people in ferguson in addition to the specific case of michael brown was this sense of you know what? we've been putting up with this for years. too many places in this country black boys and black men latino boys, latino men, they experience being treated differently by law enforcement. in stops and in arrests and in charges and in incarcerations. the statistics are clear. up and down the criminal justice system. >> the president's rhetoric is clear. that's a number of flash backs.
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forget about what josh earnest said yesterday the president has been critical of local police departments. the executive director of the black sphere said this about the president's rhetoric over the last couple of years. >> barack obama keeps using this term communities ofu# color. he acts as if people got dropped in from outer space and cops don't know what to do with him. it's communities, humans people. cops know how to deal with people, and people who commit crimes. every time they look at the statistics and talk about the communities of color, that are overwhelmingly incarcerated it's the community of color who are committed overwhelming crime. it's very simple. >> something's got to give. cops are saying don't throw me in jail and destroy me and my family for your agenda. we're looking at average people trying to get to work on a daily basis have to worry about more crimes. >> it's switched from proactive policing to a police department
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that's concerned about this litigious society. >> absolutely. unless the deemmonization of policing stops, the big gains that we've main over the last 20 years will be for not. all right. we'll see if it comes from the white house. heather nauert knows the nypd used to pose for pictures with toours tourists now they're being vilified. >> police are looking for these guys, there was a major scare in the air. there is an airline terror hoax scaring hundreds of passengers. bomb threats made against at leastt five flights across the country. federal officials say they were not credible. one of them was a u.s. airways fleet. imagine how terrifying that would be. this is the second time in eight days there have been multiple threats against u.s. airplanes in the united states.
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we'll keep following the developments as they come in. also, new overnight. interpoll adds six people to their most wanted list. it comes a day after sepp blatter will resign. he has not been charged. the chance is in the house ready for a run in history. the triple crown contender, american farrowpharaoh will get his first run. if he wins on saturday he'll be the first triple crown winner in nearly 40 years. let's hope he gets a good night's sleep. that's something that can plague those animals. >> the horse landed here yesterday. it's a flying (zhorse. >> he flew into long island amid all the bumpy messy weather here
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and he's headlining to the track today. >> he'll get his land legs today. straight ahead, sharia lawq- in united states? >> sharia law? i'm a muslim. i prefer sharia law. >> sharia law, yes? >> they prefer it. our next guest talks to muslims living in the united states in the terror hot bed of minnesota. she shares his other findings ahead. is a trend shaming your kids obama. this man is putting parents to shame himself. >> sit up here we go y'all. there is no way in the world i would embarrass my son like that. >> didn't see that coming. >> that dad is here live with his form of parenting. ♪
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or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. we have a fox news alert. right now a second man is under arrest in boston with possible ties to the knife wielding terror suspect shot dead by police yesterday. cops say both men have ties to isis. in the meantime a hot bed of radical islam minnesota. 37 citizens have left to join al
3:18 am
shabaab or isis. a filmmaker talks to residents on their thoughts of the draw muhammad contest. >> do you think we should make a law to make it -- >> that would be better. >> i was so mad. they insult our religion and our process. >> do you understand the motivation behind the people then who strike out violently against people who depict muhammad? >> he joins me now to discuss this. you went in and talking to the people there. they believe it should be illegal to draw the prophet muhammad. they find this highly insulting. why was the important for you to get in there and speak about this and hear what they had to say. >> we're seeing a real radicalization of the muslim communities really around the world, in the communities around the world. i find it scary.
3:19 am
i'm a pro immigrant person. i'm a product of immigration, that may actually be a negative immigration. it's an important value. we're seeing a problem across the world therewhere there is a radicalization radicalization in europe and the united states. we've seen over the past year over a dozen terrorist attacks in the united states over half by people who were born or greww up in this country. i wanted to get a sense of why. >> you actually asked if they would prefer american or sharia law. this is the response. >> do you feel more comfortable living under american law or do you feel more comfortable living under sharia law? >> sharia law. i'm a muslim. i prefer sharia law. >> sharia law,h i es. >> do you prefer sharia law over american law? >> of course yes.
3:20 am
>> did that surprise you? >> it was shocking. i could not believe that they would rather live in this country with the freedoms that they have in american law and suplnt that with sharia law. it blew me away. >> it's an incredible look on what's going on there. we thank you for joining us. you can find the rest at this prestigious professor says america has overreacted to the 9/11 attacks. a breakthrough in the fight against cancer the new treatments that out perform chemotherapy and could be a game changer. ♪
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glad you're up. time for some 2016 headlines. let's begin. happening today lincoln chafee will enter the presidential race. he'll be the fourth democrat in the race. the republican side you got louisiana governor bobby jindal may be getting ready to enter the fray with an announcement on his own. he will share his plans on june 24th. i'm out of stuff to say. lung cancer deaths is the leading cause of deaths world wide. a new treatment could be a game changer.
3:25 am
immune otherapy uses the body's own defenses to fight cancer. what does this mean for the future of cancer treatment? dr. melissa johnson is the director of cancer research in nashville. she joins us live today. >> thanks for having me. >> okay. you know, a lot of people know about chemotherapy. they've been through it know somebody who's been through it. this new approach is better than that because? >> that's right. it is better than chemotherapy. we think the way this type of new anti-cancer treatment works, is to regulate the immune systems to identify the cancerous forms. you can think about it here is what we believe happens. when a cancer is able to grow in someone's body it is able to escape recognition by the immune system, by the t cells. the way these drugs work they up regulate the t cells and take
3:26 am
the blindfold off the immune system. the immune system recognizes the cancer is foreign and shouldn't be there and attacks. it's using your own body to help fight the cancer. >> it tricks the body. >> well -- >> into allowing the drug to go in -- >> the cancer is tricking the body and the immune system is restoring reality. the cancer shouldn't be there. >> it is so clever. what kind of cancers can it help? >> at this point, immune otherapies have been approved for mela noma lung cancer and big news at this year's meeting this type of treatment can be used in both squamous lung cancer and non-squamous lung cancer with an improvement in overall survival of three months versus regular standard chemotherapy. >> when you look at chemotherapy
3:27 am
versus this immune otherapy. you live a little longer. there are fewer side effects. and i would imagine it's easier to administer. >> well it is. it's given,v intravenously 30 minutes once every other week. it doesn't require you come back for blood checks or extra iv fluids. >> a lot of people are watching they'll talk to their doctor about it. what do they ask for? >> this is an immune otherapy. they ask for the drugs. we have treated 800 patients on immuno immunotherapy drugs. >> fantastic news for a lot of people who are suffering from cancer. caught on camera a train slams into a car splitting it in two just like that. you know what?
3:28 am
everybody walked away alive. details on the miracle crash -- whoa -- coming up next. in case you were! where elizabeth historiesas been, she's been in nashville, too. she's going to give us details. happy birthday to denise williams, she is 65. ♪ i like my seafood like i like my vacations: tropical. and during red lobster's island escape, three new tropical dishes take me straight to the islands. so i'm diving fork-first into the lobster and shrimp in paradise, with panko-crusted lobster tail and jumbo shrimp in captain morgan barbecue glaze. or the ultimate island seafood feast, with tender crab wood-grilled lobster and two island-inspired flavors of jumbo shrimp. because a summer without tropical flavors might as well be winter. this escape is too good to miss so...don't.
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♪ ♪
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okay. that is so good. that was elizabeth lip syncing to toby mac at the k love awards. the city of nashville has not recovered. alongside actor kirk cameron and gave a shoutout to our boss. >> i have to thank fox news for letting me be here today and giving meho monday and tuesday off so i could share the excitement here. >> you get those two days off. >> i said they are dedicated this month to the grand old opry. their cause is salute the troops. i said under fox news leadership we get to salute our veterans
3:33 am
each and every day. it felt like a family place to be in and do that there so we get to do that here every day. what a fun weekend between k-love and the grand old opry. >> look at this here. what are you doing on a horse? >> it's called jural stables. this is a low key stable. they have 44 horses that are rescues. they work with teens and young people who are working on finding their purpose. we did a little trip there. and with sarah, she makes great bracelets. this is -- how much fun is this? this is when i got the charlie daniels fiddle. >> that's the one you walked away with? you stole his fiddle? >> this is one of the most incredible moments. they gave me charlie daniels
3:34 am
fiddle. >> he's retired now? >> i had the time of my life there being guest announcer. >> the devil did go down to georgia. >> eddie studs was guiding me the whole way. this is back pwantstage at the k-love awards and praising god at the same time. i'm glad to be back. we're going to lip sync battle later? >>ãno. >> heather has headlines for us. welcome back. i'll do that with you any day. the biggest consumer recall in american history is getting a whole lot worse. it turns out that more than two million u.s. drivers who had their takata made air bags replaced will have to have those swapped out once again. the company is saying the replacement model could contain a part that was originally
3:35 am
related to the killer air bags that affected 34 million cars. caught on camera the incredible moment an amtrak train in florida smashes into a car amazingly all three people in that car manage to survive. there was a woman in the back seat who was thrown from the car. she cracked her vertebra. >> the crash of the noise, the impact. i couldn't hear for a second or see. i was dazed. when i turned around the back of the car wasn't there. >> the driver of the car was given a $300 ticket for crossing the tracks when the gates were down. you were asking about that. america overreacted to the 9/11 terror attacks according to the newly appointed vice chancellor of oxford university. the professor says british citizens are better equipped to deal with terrorism because quote, the british population and the course of violence in northern ireland proved resilient. more so than the u.s. this was because there
3:36 am
a new experience for the united states. end quote. she says the best way to fight terror and overcoming the fear of the attacks. let us know what you think about what she said. i want to ask varney about that one. >> they didn't have the equivalent of the twin towers takes down. or had a flight like flight 93. those were small bombings compared to 9/11. >> without the united states taking the lead with world terror. with all due respect that professor would be speaking german. >> what grade would you give her? let us know. >> 24 minutes before the top of the hour. he is here and we'll talk about this. >> you've a shocking new report that finds that president obama issued rules and regulations in 2014. >> portion of those regulations were devoted to the energy efficiency of ice machines. >> are these unnecessary or
3:37 am
bogging down our country. he joins us from the fox business network. >> can you say bogging down the economy again? i'll lip sync it with you. president obama doesn't make business. he wantsy to make business jump through hoops. there are now 30,856 pages of rules in the federal register. way more than when president obama walked into the white 7 house. he thinks you can just wave a magic wand command business. you do this you comply with this rule and everything will be fine. that's totally wrong. >> but this is the way our government works. congress passes big laws and they say, hey, administration you go out and you figure out what the regulations are. i mean it happens during each administration. so if you would compaperre the number of regulations to george
3:38 am
bush. >> 47% more rules under president obama. compared to the rules in the eight years of president bush. 50% more. this president has gone out of his way to make rules. he doesn't like business. he wants to cramp its style. he wants to control business and use it as a cash cow. >> they can only blame themselves because they gave him a ton of money. >> that is true. what about small business? you impose a new rule on small business, it's time consuming because you have to figure out what this rule means. you have to bring in the lawyers to make sure you're in compliance with these new rules. then you've got to implement the new rule which often means new equipment like a new vending ye machine, the whole thing works out to be extremely expensive. that's one of the reasons why our economy is not performing properly. we look like europe. >> varney and company is off to a great start. 9:00 to noon.
3:39 am
congratulations on the fox business network. you back there today, too? >> yes, 9:00 eastern. >> the president may not like business, but we do because we got a business network. also we've got weather and fox casting with maria molina who is at 48th and 6th avenue right now. not a bad day today. >> not a bad day. a little bit on the chilly side. i'm from florida i like it a little bit warmer especially when it's @june. we're talking 53 degrees in new york city. it will leave behind this cooler air mass but we do have areas of rain we're deal ing with in carolinas. that's expected through portions of the midatlantic for today. behind that system take a look at how chilly teit is across new england. 36 in water town. in albany you're at 49 degrees. it's chilly out there. we set some record cold high temperatures yesterday across the northeast.
3:40 am
one of those is nyc in central park. it's quite chilly. across the plains, you're looking at the risk for severe kd storms. tornados will be possible damaging winds and large hail. that threat continues as we head into tomorrow. and more isolated. across the nation you could have travel issues across parts of the northern plains and also across the southeast. due to showers and storms. >> i have to turn the heat back on. >> i was chilly coming in this morning. >> i told the kids put a sweat shirt on and quit complaining. get to bed. 20 minutes.fbefore the top of the hour. we have seen violence hit ferguson and baltimore. are the protests of the 1970's returning? could we see a new weather underground our next guest says yeah. >> the unnerving truth with that. it's a new trend, publicly shaming our kids online. >> sit up son. sit up.
3:41 am
here we go y'all. wait a minute there's no way in the world i would ever embarrass my son like that. >> the twist that dad is putting parents to shame. he's here with us to explain his lessons for all moms and dads out there. you're going to want to see it. >> where did the son go? ♪
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all right. last year we saw ferguson go up in flames following the death of michael brown. this year baltimore is set ablaze by protesters angered by the death of freddie gray.,[ a man fatally injured while in police custody. are we seeing the anti-police movements of the 1970's making a return as crime goes up. our next guest says our recent
3:45 am
events might have roots in the past. we have the author of this book days of rage america radical underground and the fbi and forgotten age of revolutionary violence. is this back to the future? >> until baltimore i would have told you no. until baltimore, most of the activists in the streets had been preaching peaceful protests. that's mostly we saw with obvious exceptions. after baltimore we started to see a shift in the 4irhetoric, much more violent rhetoric. >> let them destroy things from the mayor. >> you started to see actives say peaceful protests may not be enough. that's the same thinking we saw in the late 60's. >> you say it will combine and form mini gangs we are witnessing. we did see gang outrage in texas. >> we be seen out breaks xahere.
3:46 am
like the black panthers the black liberation army organized to attack and assassinate policemen. we're a long way from that happening. some of the rhetoric we've seen in recent weeks is worrisome. >> let's take a look at some of the officers. liquori tate was killed benjamin deen greg moore on may 5th in idaho. and brian moore here in queens new york from long island. this is a disturbing trend. we went over to start the show. the rise in robberies, homicide and shootings. >> that we've seen. but it's still paled before the doubling and tripling during the 19 6 0's of attacks that we saw against police. and then the organized underground attacks, hundreds of bombings during the ed1970's. many of them targetedwash police.
3:47 am
>> what will you be looking to see if the seeds of organized unrest are taking root. >> you want to see the rhetoric we saw borne largely at baltimore, the idea of taking things to the next level, if that gets worse. if it does that's a slippery slope. one we've been down before. and it really only ends with disappointment and death. >> we were heartened to see that cleveland did n verdict many would thought have been unpopular. thank you forqçyx 13 minutes before the top of the hour. one father going viral for not following the crowd. >> sit up son. sit up. here we go y'all. wait a minute there's no way in the world i would ever embarrass my son like that. >> now, he's turning the tables on parents who shame their kids. that dad here next. we'll debate that. plus pouring yourself a cup
3:48 am
of coffee right now, you might want to include maple syrup or an egg. we have the latest trends to boost your cup of coffee and went to drink it. ♪ sometimes the present looked bright. sometimes romantic. there were tears in my eyes. and tears in my eyes. and so many little things that we learned were really the biggest things. through it all, we saved and had a retirement plan. and someone who listened and helped us along the way. because we always knew that someday the future would be the present.
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every someday needs a plan. talk with us about your retirement today. (music) boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america.
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3:51 am
. well seeing the florida dad was about to teach his misbehaving son a lesson. instead he ended up schooling his fellow parents. >> sit up son.
3:52 am
sit up. here we go y'all. wait a minute there's no way in the world i would ever embarrass my son like that. it doesn't take all of that. good parenting is letting your child know that you love them regardless of what they are and who they are and showing them the way by example. >> he is fed up with the viral trend of parents shaming their kids on camera. he turned the tables. that video you just saw has gone viral. 20 million people have downloaded it. >> that disciplining dad joins us live. thanks for being with us. did you realize that 20 million people were going to see this and be schooled by you? >> absolutely surprised. i had no idea that the video would get this much response. it was intended for a small circle of friends. but i am just absolutely overwhelmed by the response. >> absolutely. so you seen the ice bucket>s
3:53 am
challenge, what were you about to do on your misbehaving son. >> i wanted to make it clear my son had not misbehaved. we were actually anticipating -- we were seeing if this particular incident will fit with a play i had written. we started to act as if i was going to cut hisd u and then i just -- actually when i began to talk about the situation that had happened it was really just -- it's like something got ahold of me. and i just wanted to get the message out there that it wasn't great parenting, embarrassing and humiliating kids in that manner. >> i love -- i get chills when i saw isaiah get up. he was in on this. why do you think -- it's a big trend, we've been seeing it. why do you think parents are taking to youtube or video to shame their kids publicly right now? >> well, i will not necessarily
3:54 am
call these parents bad parents. i will say that they're uninformed. i like to call this type of punishment as a copy cat punishment. it creates negative attention. those of us that are bystanders and myself included for a long time, we are just as guilty. to have the opportunity to say something about it and speak out against this type of punishment, you know i think this is what this is all about. >> sure. we just showed some video of other parents shaming a their children by buzz cutting theirñy hair or the mother who chewed out her daughter because she was 13 and she said online she was 19 and she was posing in lujjure a. what do you think of the video last month of the mother in baltimore who whacked her son up side the head because he was taking part in the riots down there? >> well you know with that
3:55 am
particular parent i don't think that parent had any anticipation that she was trying to post that video on facebook or she was trying to gain any attention to herself. i think she reacted to a situation. however, it was a bit aggressive, but i think#i she reacted to a situation of seeing her son, someone who she loves in a situation that can cause not only harm to him but harm to others. and you know i think her heart was in the right place. but never the less you know i think that in the end cooler heads would have prevailed and she would have been able to handle it differently e. i don't think she even knew it would take off the way it did. after it happened. >> sure. before we go we have to know is there another video coming our way. are we looking forward to something else from you? >> that is possible. you know, it's not something that i plan to do. however, you know i'm getting ready for a play on father's day
3:56 am
weekend on deaf ears,b and i'm excited about that. we'll be in that play. that's what we will be doing. >> we'll look forward. >> you did get blow back because you used the name jesus in your online dissertation. >> absolutely. i had many commxke5ñ that stated that you were doing okay until you started talking about jesus. you know, that is the very reason why i made the video. that's what drove me. is my faith in gone and my faith in jesus christ. and but the great thing about it the atheists that did come on they said i don't like jesus but ji accepted the message. by accepting the message they're accepting something that was inspired by my lord and savior. >> we thank you for being with us and the strong message you have. >> thank you. now this still ahead. president obama says he is the closest thing to a jew that has ever sat in the oval office.
3:57 am
his actions might be telling a different story. lh
3:58 am
3:59 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you, it is wednesday june 3rd, 2015. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert for you. terror take down a man believed to be tied to isis shot and killed by police after attacking them with a knife and breaking overnight another man now under arrest. what we have just learned about him in a live report coming your way. he's clashed with benjamin netanyahu more times than we can even count. president obama wants to call himself the first jewish president in the united states. or at least the closest thing they'll get. that comment has a lot of you fired up. we'll tell you exactlysd what the context is. starving kids who couldn't afford a lunch and the school paid her back with a pink slip. does this woman punishment fit
4:01 am
the crime? mornings are better with friends. the story about the lunch lady is going to get you going. there's this little kid who is right in front of her, doesn't have the money,7k according to the rules, she can't give him anything to eat. yet she does and then she gets fired. >> she got canned. >> my mom was a lunch lady. that resonates at home. >> did she ever give food to kids who didn't have the money? >> i'm sure she would have and would have taken the pink slip. >> i remember my lunch lady helping me. we can't wait to tell you that story. we'll get to the fox news alert for you, moments ago, police identifying the man connected to an shot dead by police in gyboston. >> we learn there may be bigger ties to terror networks in the
4:02 am
boston area. kristin fisher is live in washington with the breaking details. kristin. >> good morning, this was a culmination of an 18 month long investigation. that's how long the feds had been monitoring this alleged terror suspect. he's been on 24 hour surveillance for the past three weeks. >> we have a gentleman, black male, six feet coming out armed with a knife. >> that man, a 26-year-old was coming out of the cvs store where he worked in boston a. police officer and a member of the fbi's joint terrorism task force say they told him repeatedly to drop the knife. they refused. that's when they shot and killed him. >> there was enough information there we thought it was appropriate to question him about his doings today. that's when sort of unprovoked she came out with a knife. >> his brother, a prominent imam in the boston area are disputing that version of events. he had been a suspect of a federal
4:03 am
investigation into home-grown violent extremists sympathetic to isis. any connection is still under investigation. a second person has been arrested. his name has just been confirmed as david wright. this happened on the same day president obama signed a controversial bill ending the government's bulk collection of your phone records. but the bill did preserve what's known as the lone wolf provision. it's a provision intended tonf monitor potential terror suspects like the one just killed in boston. back to you. >> thank you very much. i thought the lone wolf thing had never been used before. >> i have heard that. other people said they have used it. if you go use it and go into too much detail it r ecomes now, they won't use it. >> good morning, everyone.
4:04 am
hope you're off to a great day. we have a developing story we're following here at fox news. an airline terror hoax scares hundreds of passengers across the country in just one day bomb threats were made against at least five flights across the country. officials claim this was not credible threats. one was a u.s. airways flight with 93 people on board as you can see them exiting the flight yesterday. this is the second time in eight days there have been multiple threats against u.s. airplanes. we're following that story. overnight, interpol adds six fifa members to their most wanted list. that comes one day after sepp blatter announced he will resign. the fbi is said to be focusing its investigation on him. although he has not been charged at this point. members of the new black panther party who met in
4:05 am
ferguson, missouri have admitted to a plot to bomb the protests and also a policewb station there. the two men pleaded guilty in federal court in st. louis. they were arrested back in november during an undercover federal sting. the two had planned today assassinate the former mayor and police chief of -- excuse me the st. louis county prosecutor and they will be sentenced on august 31st. what a development there. the parents of the stars of the reality show 19 kids and counting will finally answer questions about that molestation scandal surrounding their son, josh duggar after a juvenile police report was released. meg megyn kelly will interview them tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. the president of the united states, his feelings are hurt. he is hurt because some have
4:06 am
suggested he doesn't love and he's not looking out for israel's best interest. when you look at the history of how this president has negotiated with iran which wants nukes, and israel doesn't want them to get it you realize we can understand why a lot of people would think the president is not sympathetic to israel. >> youdal jjz at the screen, november of 2011 he was caught on open mike snubbing netanyahu's visit. september 2012 he refuse today meet him. in 2014 an unnamed official calling netanyahu chicken, you know what. that didn't go over pretty well. you hear march 2015 criticized the capitol hill speech benjamin netanyahu and refuse today meet him again. >> one of the things he said israel should return to the 67
4:07 am
borders which didn't get approval. that's why pretty much the entire time he's been president he had single digit approval rating in israel. david axelrod who is responsible for getting president obama twice says i think i am the closest -- says this about the president of the united states. he says i'm the closest thing to a jew who has sat in the office. for people to say i'm anti-israel or anti-semitic it hurts. >> his feelings are hurt because people think, there's a ia perception out there that he is anti-israeli. he's the closest thing the axelrod quote was, i am a closest thing to a jaw that has ever sat in the office. the man who wrote words for president george bush had this observation about obama being the first jewish president. >> it's his actions.
4:08 am
the first jewish president wouldn't say that he's going to -- as soon as he came into office i'm going to create day light between myself and israel. he wouldn't say i'm not going to defend israel at the united nations. he wouldn't go on #60 minutes and dismiss israel's concerns about iran's nuke program as noise. >> one of the reasons we're talking about this the president sat down with a tv station in israel and had a heart to heart. what worries me is he's trying to plow the ground that announce that july first, june 30th deal with iran which even france said is heading in the wrong direction, because there is no verification, and there's going to be more open inspection. >> the problem with this is yesterday "the new york times" had an article that said the iaea which is the outfit we'll trust to monitor iran they said did you realize in the last year and a half that the country of
4:09 am
iran, i should say, has i increased their nuke stockpile by 20%? yesterday marie harf was asked about it yeah, we're perplexed that's not true. it's coming from the people we're going to trust to monitor iran. so this is bad news for the administration. and you do understand why so many people think that the presidentst is not necessarily on israel's side. >> it's a tough one to swallow over breakfast. why don't we talk about lunch. >> let's do? >> the russians are building a nuclear power plant. this manager, she was fired for giving lunch to a student who couldn't afford it that day. her name is della curry. this is out of colorado. she's a kitchen manager at an elementary school. she lost her job because she gave out lunches to students who didn't have money that fell between the programs that would qualify them to get lunch. those students are said if they don't have their lunch, a
4:10 am
hamburger bun and a slice of cheese. i have a first grader crying because he didn't have lunch money. she's a mom twof she did what any mom would do. she gave the kids free lunch and they fired her for violations of their written policy. >> she says she has bought lunches for kids out of her9ú pocket many times. one of the parents of one of the kids who simply forgot his lunch money a fellow by the name of dar nel said she helped her son. they hope the administration tad÷ she was simply breaking a district rule. he hopes the district changes their rule. because it's just not very flexible. and so she did what she considered to be the right thing. now she's out of work. and she is bringing this story to everybody's attention by going to the local affiliate out in denver so she can get the local school district to change the rules. >> here is what the rule should
4:11 am
be. lunch ladies don't get paid a lot of money, they get part time money. they get paid almost nothing. if she's forced to do this on a regular basis, that shows a fundamental flaw in the policy. that kid should have a fund on the side to fund them should they forget their lunch or not have the finances to pay for their lunch. there should be a system in place. >> she's hoping to change that. she's so kind hearted. she said she understands she did violate the school policy. she hopes itak will lead to changes in the future for the benefit of these kids and the dad there who said i can't believe she got fired. there's got to be something else that can be done. it's a kind hearted woman without a job. she has two kids of her own and she was fired for giving a child a lunch. >> we're going to try to get her on the show tomorrow. there has to be flexibility. if a first grader is in front of you crying they're hungry and forgot their lunch money, what would you do?inutes after top of the
4:12 am
hour. he is an aspiring police officer charged with a felony but he had a legal gun. he's just been turned away by the naacp. he reached out to them for help. his last stop, governor crist crest chris christie of new jersey. the republican field for president is getting deeper. can this man right here set himself apart from the !uu )urjj governor scott walker joining us live. coming up. ♪.íñ
4:13 am
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mitsubishi electric cooling and heating. make comfort personal. we're shared with you of this story a police officer from new jersey was charged with a felony for carrying a legally owned gun in the glove compartment of his0+ car. his police officer dreams shattered because he was honest. another group that heard his story was naacp of new jersey. when he asked for help with appealing his case he said they left him in the cold. he joins us live now. we told the story back in 2013, you were cleaning your gun in your garage. and your 6-year-old sister came in and you didn't want her around it. you put it in the glove
4:17 am
compartment. you forgot about it. you're driving that car right there. you get stopped bide ay a cop, you offer up, by the way i have a gun in my glove compartment. he took it. you thought you would go to the police station and pick it up. your life went to &;hell. >> yes it did. >> what happened to you? >> i was convicted of a second degree felony for unlawful possession of a firearm in the state of new jersey. and that ruined my career. >> see, i don't get this part. you told the police officer, by the way, there's a gun that i legally own in the glove compartment. >> yes, i told them i had the firearm on me. and they took the firearm and let me go. >> at the time the cop didn't think it was any big deal did he? >> not at all. because of who i worked for. >> sure. fast forward to today, your life has been ruined because what happened was you were threatened because of this routine traffic stop that produceered this gun.
4:18 am
you were threatened with five to ten years in prison and you took a plea deal. >> plea deal means felony. it's ruined my life basically. through this whole ordeal i have lost everything. my job, my career. >> you wanted to be a police officer but because you got the felony on your record you cannot apply. and you would not qualify. so you are appealing to governor chris christie, we're going to talk about that in a moment. your friends said go to the naacp, they can help you. >> i went to the naacp and they refused to help me. they say black lives matter. but obviously they really don't because i didn't fit their agenda. and it's not fair because my life matters, too, you kw. being convicted of a felony is not right. they should help me. >> what do you mean you fit their agenda? >> i'm not getting shot by a police officer and they're not going to help me. i'm trying to provide for my family and my life matters too. i'm not a criminal whatsoever. and they should be helping me
4:19 am
just like they help other black young men out there. >> you would think so. that's too bad that didn't work. the last line here is governor chris christie. >> yes. >> what can he do for you? >> governor christie can actually pardon. we're also in the appeal division as well. we have a gofund ?ge account online so people can help us with that. but we also have a petition online. it's almost at 100,000 signatures nationwide. we're trying to put as much pressure on the court system as possible and get support as we can so we can get governor christie to help us out. >> if you're the governor sitting in trenton, why would he help you? >> i have no criminal record. the parole board has came to my house and interviewed me. i'm sure they did all the background investigation that they had zqto. clear record. you know everything that i say, it's then checked out. i would look forward to getting a pardon. >> well i've read about your story for a long time now.
4:20 am
it seems to me you did the right thing. you've been punished. it would be governor christie i know you're watching it would be great if you could look into this and help this man. >> thank you sir. >> we did reach out to the naacp for comment, they still haven't called us back. >> not surprised. >> okay. all right, thank you. >> thank you. good luck to you. and there he goes. you know what? just stay right there. coming up a major update in the d.c. mansion murder. his dna was found on the pizza crust at the scene of the crime. his lawyer says he's innocent because he doesn't like pizza. this morning evidence that may put him behind bars for a long time. plus pouring yourself a cup of coffee right now? you might want to include a little maple syrup. or peanut butter. it's not as crazy as you think. the latest trends to boost your cup of joe coming up. ♪uq
4:21 am
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all right. time now for your news by the numbers. 104,000. that's how many taxpayers had their data compromised during the irs data breach. now a watch dog claims the agency failed to upgrade his8u cyber security which could have prevented the attack. way to go, irs. 3,500 is how many pounds of marijuana border agents found hidden inside a lettuce truck in texas. the drugs were found mixed in with the more legal green cargo. >> 3:00 p.m. it's supposedly the least productive time of the day. researchers say our brains like our bodies get tired around 3:00.
4:25 am
and so they refer to that to the fact that decision fatigue starts to set in about the time of 3:00 in the afternoon. >> we may have a cure for that thank you for that. have you had your morning coffee yet? a new study said mornings are the worst time to down a cup of joe. >> when should you be drinking coffee and how can you spice it up? joining us is a registered dietician. welcome back. >> good morning. >> no morning coffee? what are the ideal times to have coffee and why? >> this is a theory based on the fact that we shouldn't drink coffee with our cortisol levels are raised and they're raised at a few different times through the day. it's a stress hormome but it gives us a boost of energy. when you have it at the wrong time it will reduce the effects of coffee. >> when is the time we can
4:26 am
maximize >> 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 to times. >> we're going to -- >> here's the thing we have to remember that caffeine in coffee is a stimulant. it helps i'm not so sure i'm giving up my morning coffee. >> if people were drinking it at the right or wrong time what can we give our coffee a boost? >> this is popular in norway and sweden and in the midwest. people are adding an egg to their coffee. >> put egg in here. you crack the egg in here. >> i'm not doing it. >> then you brew it. >> really? >> you go like this. >> you want to try it? >> you brew it. you have to put water in there. >> you mix it together. >> that's already brewed. >> that's egg coffee. >> brewing it cooks it. >> exactly. it is right, the heat is going to cook it.
4:27 am
>> i don't taste the eightgg. >> it's supposed to change the color and make it easier to go down and there's a little bit of protein. >> maple syrup. >> maple syrup is very popular in canada. what i like about maple syrup is that many people go for the artificial sweeteners in their coffee to sweeten it up. we know that's the decision. artificial sweeteners -- we're going to load you up on the caffeine today. >> we'rey firing brian up. >> this is a better choice. a little bit of the real thing is better than the artificial sweeteners which has been shown to put you at a greater risk for obesity. >> i don't like that. >> i feel like i would. >> you don't? you like it straight up. >> adding salt. >> adding a little bit of salt can help reduce the perception of the acidity. make the coffee a little less bitter. i probably added too much. >> i have thrown the pepper in
4:28 am
there. >> peanut butter, you want to make sure the coffee is hot. adding hazelnut coffee you might like it. you're getting healthy fat. >> is that why i'm here? no whunone ask me if i like it. they just give it to me andz8 move on. >> i'm listening do you like the peanut butter? >> not really. >> butter or coke enoughconut butter. >> those are -- yep, they certainly are. those are healthier saturated fats. >> why cinnamon? >> cinnamon, same thing as nutmeg sitcinnamon is a spice. you don't need to add the sweeteners.
4:29 am
sit cinnamon controls your blood sugar. >> overall if you had to pick one, what would you do? your pick so far is what? >> i would say i like the egg the best. >> shocking. >> a little bit stunning the salt i don't need. the peanut i don't like. this i couldn't keepa'áup)ing at the body is making me sick. >> that wasn't hot enough. >> you didn't stir it i got a mouthful of cinnamon. >> spicy, there you go. >> you just don't join the study. you have your own analysis. >> i have to have my own opinion here. >> she's going to grab water. we with fully caffeinated this morning. thank you so much for that. >> you're welcome. now this up next republican field for president is growing, can this man set himself apart from the competition? wisconsin governor scott walker has a message for his fellow republicans. he is here live with us next. can a car go up in flames with man inside? can he save his life.
4:30 am
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hillary clinton just announced she will kick off our presidential campaign on june 13th in new york city. and good news it's free to get in. which sounds great until you find out in $100,000 to get out. that's how they make all the money. >> funny stuff. >> do you know what roosevelt island day that day that she's having it? she totally is dumb struck their advance team and all that staff checked out and asked the people of roosevelt island. >> it's brilliant because there will be a built in crowd. unfortunately there will be all these other people arriving
4:34 am
perhaps thousands, you only can get there by the tram that we saw in that sylvester stallone movie. >> that melanie griffith movie, too? working girl. she took the tram back&, and forth. >> that was the staten island ferry. >> is that what it was? >> wasn't she on a tram do you know? >>h; e-mail us, facebook, twitter. >> carly simon song river runs -- long story. it's a movie from 20 years ago. scott walker was supposed to be with us we thought he was going to be right now. she's going to be at 8:31 an hour from now. heather nauert joins us she's a working girl and she has the news. good morning to you all. i have a fox news alert to bring you. the desperate race against time to free hundreds of people who are believed to be trapped on a
4:35 am
cruise ship submerged in a river in china. rescuers hope there are additional survivors. they are hammering the hull hoping to hearvselñ sounds coming from additional survivors. dramatic rescues including a 65-year-old woman leading to just 14 survivors so far. 26 are confirmed dead. more than 400 are still missing. the ship's captain one of the first people to say rescued is under arrest. he claims the boat sank within minutes due to bad weather. investigators are testing the forensics on the d.c. murder suspect's clothing and shoes. they are trying to find out if he's linked to the crime scene. report says the blood matches the blood of the victims. the family was tortured and murdered in an parent murder plot for cash last month. the dramatic dash camvideo
4:36 am
shows you the moment a hero police officer puts his life on the line to save a man from a car that's engulfed in flames. watch this.xd >> get out now. get out. >> boy, just one example of the work that these officers do every single day. that happening in south carolina. police corporal adam willis pullsthal pulls the driver out of the car. police say the driver was drunk. hear more of this amazing story when corporal willis joins us live at 8:50 a.m. eastern time right here on "fox and friends." can't wait for that. the champ is in the house and ready for a run in history. just over an hour from now triple crown contender american pharaoh will get his first view of the bell mont stakes.
4:37 am
he landed yesterday, he flew in he will become the first triple crown winner in nearly 40 years if he win. one of the issues last year was not getting enough rest. hopefully this guy is getting rest. >> how much money have you lost on the ponies? >> a lot. >> don't give up hope. >> you want to bet? forget the 529 for college. i'll bet it all. hold on just a second. >> here's the first scene from working girl. >> what is it? >> is she on a tram? >> what does that look like? >> looks like a ferry to me. >> do you remember the scene with melanie griffith when she emerged as a star. i remember her going to roosevelt island by tram. >> okay. >> nobody. does anybody go to the movies anymore? >> you're talking about a movie 20 years "z=9 >> you said she was going somewhere.
4:38 am
>> i think it was a good theme to have women working and a good message. >> you meant well. >> let's talk about that as we look at and try to find melanie griffith on a tram. we have another story to tell you about and that is 9/11 and how people view it. we thought the patriot act to go after people. this professor is saying we overreacted over the attack and if ewoo were british we would have attacked better. >> we overreacted by terrorists taking over planes and flying them into buildings. i have to say the british population in the troubles in northern ireland proved resilient. far more so than the u.s. and the scale of the reaction and overreaction in the united states to the 9/11 tragedy. this is a reflection of the fact this is a new experience for the u.s. >> we should point out she is
4:39 am
the firstx) female vice chancellor at oxford, university in the united kingdom. she also gave hillary clinton an honorary doctorate just about a year ago. she's comparing apples with asparagus. we had 3,000 people who died that day. and the problems in northern ireland took decades and it was terrible. in the face of this global terror threat the united states came up to the plate, stepped to the plate, and took 3 you know, had we not stepped in and helped the people over in the united kingdom the professor would be speaking german today. >> you had to say about her saying we overreacted to 9/11. tell it to the families who were affected by it. >> stephanie writes terrorists aren't something that people should be used to dealing with. that's absolutely terror they want to put a pressure on mienpeople so we overreact. you can see we're moving on.
4:40 am
as tragedy as the boston bombing was we are still running thaur monthons. remember the mill lineal bombing we were able to stop that. >> how did we overreact? the way we screen people to get on airplanes? well, you know you would like to think that it worked out. although we had thatx1 story yesterday about tsa getting a failing grade. is it the fact we went to where they were and try today root them out. she went specific. spoke very broadly. the crazy thing about this women's comments she's an expert in terror. >> so much for that. continue sending in those comments. we love reading them here. at 20 minutes to the top of the hour. as i just mentioned the tsa got a failing grade missing 96% of the fake bombs and explosives that came through by officers trying to test the system. should we just get rid of the tsa all together. then this video going viral and leaving parents across the
4:41 am
country outraged. watch. >> you okay? >> a child, you see him right there left alone in a running car. is that ever okay just wait until you see;7 what happened when the dad came back. dr. keith ablow will weigh in on this for you next. ♪ out of 42 vehicles based on 6 different criteria, why did a panel of 11 automotive experts name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons.
4:42 am
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and in the eyes of real cheese people never, ever a crowd. new sargento balanced breaks. we're real cheese people.
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you've heard o what about a "win-win-win"? pick up the limited edition metallic droid turbo by motorola. water-repellent. up to 48-hour battery life and ballistic nylon back. that's your first "win." plus, it's only on verizon. the #1 network. there's your next "win." now for final "win." get $250 when you trade in any smartphone. and get 10 gigs of data for $80 a month and $15 per line. the win-win-win. a new way to save without settling. only on verizon. 15 minutes till the top of the hour. we have quick entertainment headlines for you. actor clint eastwood setting his
4:45 am
sights4ñ on another true american hero. his next movie will be about the pilot of the 2009 miracle on the hudson captain sully sullenberger. double the blessing for kim kardashian. her second pregnancy was announced earlier this week. the rumors are swirling she could be carrying twins. double the fun. in the wake of 9/11 the u.s. created the tsa to keep us safe and help prevent another terror attack.t7÷pafter a bomb shell investigation showed tsa agents missed 96% of the fake bombs and explosives is it time to end the tsa and try something else? let's debate it right now. we have a former assistant administrator of the tsa chad wolfe and the director of the tax policy study at theicato institute chris edwards. end it? >> i don't think that's the answer. you need to reform it you need to take a complete review of it in the wake of this incident. and recent incidents in atlanta
4:46 am
and else where. i thinkt@rq)e is some problems at tsa, but eliminating it is not the answer. >> we have a unionized situation, chris, that could lead to a lot of problems. what about privatization this entire thing handing out contracts and making people accountable or they lose the contracts. >> you're right. that is the direction that most other high income companies have gone. canadian airports have privatized security. most countries in europe most major airports they subcontract out the security to expert private companies. it works very well. tsa has been a bureaucratic mess since day one. it wastes billions of dollars on things that don't work. it's got low employee morale. some of the lowest in the federal government. you won't fix this problems with a big monopoly government bureaucracy. >> the guy who was in charge has
4:47 am
been put to another position. here are the steps they are taking immediately leading by jeh johnson. new training for tsa officers in airports across the countries and retest and reevaluate screening equipment. that's something pretty obvious. continued random covert testing so they'll try to get a better scare than 96% wrong. and report biweekly to the secretary johnson on the progress. does that make you feel better chad? >> no. it's not nearly enough. these are the first steps that they're taking like i said i think a more systematic view of tsa needs to take place. it needs to be reformed. i think that's something that both dhs and members of congress are taking a look at now. i think the high failure rate in this instance is startling. it's a failure for4pu$#ok] ñ];hqn?omk the agency. it's another black eye for the agency. it's something that needs to be done. >> both black eyes and their shut and swelled. we'll get the swelling down. tell me the procedure to get
4:48 am
this away from the government and into private hands. >> we have 21 airports in the united states that the government has allowed to have private screening, the biggest has been san francisco. there has been comparisons looking at the public screening, government screening by tsa versus private screening at u.s. airports. the private screeners have done at least as good or better on these tests. san francisco, for example with private screening has done better than los angeles with government screening. i think the way forward is to expand the private screening at u.s. airports the reality is with bureaucracy is they don't learn and innovate. we learn that lesson over and over. private companies are much better at innovating. i think that's the way to go. >> i would love to see it. chad wolfe, thanks so much, chris edwards great job. in 12 minutes we'll be done with the hour. until then this this video going viral and leaving parents across the country outraged. >> you okay?
4:49 am
>> a child left alone in a running car. wait until you see what happened when the dad came back. is that ever okay? dr. keith ablow went to college to answer questions like that. on this date in 1990 wilson philips had the number one song in america. they're still holding on i believe. ♪ what do you think of when you think of the united states postal service? exactly. that's what pushes us to deliver smarter simpler faster sleeker earlier fresher harder farther quicker and yeah even on sundays. what's next? we'll show you. i like my seafood like i like my vacations: tropical. and during red lobster's island escape,
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4:52 am
you okay? >> well this new5t' viral after a young child in kentucky is left alone in a truck. windows down keys in the ignition. the video sparking outrage from parents nationwide.
4:53 am
and warning from police. so what would prompt a parent to put their kids in such a dangerous situation? here to weigh in is dr. keith ablow. great to see you here. you see this video. this is actually mark herman is the guy's name who uploaded the video. it has 165,000 views as of yesterday. when he posts the video and asks the kids where the dad areéqis and you can see the motion here. what's going on here2p in the mindset of a parent to leave a kid in the car? >> elizabeth, it's always about why. psychiatry is all about why. and so there's an answer to that, too. i don't know if it's about devices and how distracted we are now. multitasking and 100 different ways we think that our kids can be placed between two different texts or a run to the store. or whether, if you sat down with this dad, and you said listen you put your child in real danger. were you ever in terrible danger
4:54 am
as a kid? why would i ask that? some people deny it. they don't want to think about it. they put other people even theirkdiy1uúo kuáçjoñ.9 in the same situation because they have a blind spot. so we don't known this guy. but there's a why that could be answered. >> it didn't go well when he came out. we have a video of the confrontation that took place between the person videoing this and the day. watch. >> if i was a bad guy, i could have probably just drove off with this. >> you would have got hit in the back of the head no disrespect. >> i could have gotten far if i was a bad guy. >> standing right there at the door. >> i know still do you think that's a smart thing to do buddy? >> didn't go wale. didn't seem to be realizing the danger there, did he? >> no and probably not wanting to think about it. and certainly, feeling confrontational being called out on it. probably by the way, elizabeth, parents do things that are
4:55 am
dangerous a lot. you know sadly i've had to sit with grieving parents who were thinking what was i thinking when i x. right? because they weren't thinking. and again we are highly distractible. why this particular man thought that nobody would cross him, because after all, even confronted here he says hey, look i would have just taken out a side arm and taken care of you in the back of the head. he's too confident things would be okay. >> do you view this -- we don't have the whole story but we have the video which is a lot more than we would years back. he was not chargedy with anything as one that one that got away or lessons learned? >> i'm not sure there's a lesson learned here. i think you would have to put it in the context of the whole relationship. i'd want to know is this father neglecting the kid in general or a model dad who made a mistake and was in the door in the place
4:56 am
and would have ranpu out if something had happened. >> great analysis. we'll see you next time. a decorated intelligence officer ostusted by the pentagon. the term jihad isn't politically correct. he's speaking aboutíu it to you. miranda lambert is one of the best selling ladies. the key to success is to leave women off of country radio. the fallout on that in just moments. introducing the first ever gummy multivitamin from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light.
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4:59 am
good morning to you today is wedëçw(v june third i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert inspired by isis to attack on united states soil.
5:00 am
brand-new information just in to fox news on the man shot and killed by police in boston. he posed and threatened and apparently he was not alone. this morning news of yet another arrest with connection to it. yep, meanwhile, brand-new statistics show a0-qdf stunning spike in violent crimes across the united states of america in major cities. in one case the murder rate has doubled in the last 12 months. what's even more shocking? that all of these cities have something in common. we'll tell you about it just ahead. no more spankingszg=áf the mouth. parents across the country embracing a new technique to punish their kids. humilinate them in front of them friends on facebook. >> sit up son, sit up. here we go, y'all. there is no way in the world i would embarrass my son like that. >> all right. not so fast. this dad has a message for all the parents. using social media shaming with
5:01 am
fathers day one week away. >> you're right. >> you're right. i finally impressed elizabeth. mornings are better with friends. ♪ right. that's so appropriate. >> sign sealed delivered he's yours ato, 8:30 eastern time governor scott walker will be joining us live. he's at the top of the heap in the iowa polls regarding republicans who want to be president of the united states. we've got a lot to talk to him about like when he's going to say i'm running. >> maybe it will be today. >> he was in orlando at that big economic summit. also i found out that he loves -- i guess we did know that he loves to ride a hog. he loves to ride motorcycle. maybe he turned down our car service for that.
5:02 am
>> yet to be determined. >> we have a busy final hour. we start at 8:01 with a fox news alert. moments ago, police have identified the man connected to a knife wielding terror suspect shot dead by police in boston. >> this as we learn the man who was killed by the cops posed in an immediate threat. >> kristin fishser live in washington with these developing details. hey christen. >> hey, good morning. saying that this alleged terror suspect posed an immediate threat.b he'd been on their radar for 18 months. for the last three weeks he was under 24 hour constant surveillance. listen to how it all started yesterday in boston. >> we have a gentleman, black male, six feet beard, coming out armed ith a knife. >> that man, 26-year-old rahim who was coming cvs store where he worked. a police officer and a member of the fbi's joint terrorism task force say they told him to drop the knife but he refused.
5:03 am
that's when they shot and killed him. >> there's enough information there that we thought it was appropriate to question him about his doings today. that's when sort of unprovoked he came out with a knife. >> rahim's brother a prominent imam in the boston area are disputing the %j+euáy the shooting was caught on tape and that the video will be released sometime soon. he was a subject of a federal investigation into home grown violent extremists sympathetic to isis. any connection between rahim and the terror group is under investigation. now a second person in the boston area has been arrested in connection to this case. his name has been confirmed as david wright. he's expected in court later today. back to you. >> we thank you very much. apparently the reason they arrested him was because this wright fellow had been talking to the guy who came out with the knife about attacking targets in the united states of america.
5:04 am
and so they picked him up to figure -- she just mentioned there is videotape. apprrently this guy comes out of the house with the military knife in his hand. and comes at the cops the cops back up. they don't have their guns out. they keep going backwards. eventually, they -- >> you can't back up too long. >> no, you can't. >> by the way, this is what the nsa should do officially get rid of the politics say, okay here's my terrorists now let's see the tentacles. let's see how it goes all the way down the wire and then show me how the electronic surveillance can benefit and help pull out the terror network. >> particularly in these critical lone wolves situation. >> this would have been a no brainer we got a name get a warrant. it's that easy. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. have you noticed the crime stats? there seems to be a crime wave across the country. some have suggests it's the ferguson effect. st. louis top cop sam doddson
5:05 am
said the ferguson effect is something we have seen in the last year where because ofç+ the fact that cops now are afraid to engage, you know the criminal elements, it's feeling empowered. p it got started in ferguson and has gone on to baltimore. you look at the fact and it looks as if the cops are there, but they're not working as hard as they were a year ago. >> they're being asked to do so. these are men and women who are willing to protect and service their streets. and they're being handcuffed literally. when you look at the numbers here, the two decade long crime decline seems to be over officially. the homicide rates increasing in milwaukee up 117% for homicide. in denver up 90%. atlanta 50%. baltimore who has had their deadliest month in decades they're up 44%. st. louis, 25%.
5:06 am
here in new york city they are up 13%. what is going on? some are pointing to the leadership.2ktr(t&háhp &hc% >> through ups and downs of the economy, when the economy gets bad crime goes up. we gave law enforcement the credit they deserved. in st. louis on top of the murders homicide and shootings they have robberies up 43%. that's quality of life. there is a theory out there about the incarceration level is too high. they're starting to look past a lot of these so-called broken windows thing and let property theft go by and focusing on bigger crimes. they don't realize the theory is you stop the little crimes you stop the bigger crimes. >> there is a theme when you look at the cities and the uptick in homicide they have one thing in common they are the democrats in charge
5:07 am
milwaukee. denver, baltimore, atlanta's mayor, and st. louis, and right here in new york city our own bill de blasio. >> and mayor de blasio he has asked the police officers on his watch to, you know let's lay off the stop and frisk. >> that's 95%. >> don't look so intimidating. maybe a pink uniform would look better. >> they have backed off and crime has gone up. is there a connection? you be the judge. >> violentzn crime up is property crime is pup. they're staying stop the murders and stop the shootings but stop doing preventive policing. >> rudy guiliani we spoke with him extensively. stop and frisk worked to save lives in new york city. >> maybe the stop part should be stop demonizing cops.
5:08 am
you hear some politicians today say the cops, they're just pibbingpib picking on people. some do, but -- >> very few. >> right. for the most part they're great. >> when was the last time you were arrested? we'll talk about that later. good morning, hope you're off to a great day. we are following a developing story this morning. this is a frightening one for airline passengers. another airline hoax scares hundreds of passengers across the united states. on tuesday alone, at least five different bomb threats were made against various u.s. flights. federal officials say none of the threats were considered to be credible. one was a u.s. airways flights that was traveling from santd diego to philadelphia with 93 people on board. this is the second time in eight days there have been multiple threats against u.s. airplanes. that is a major concern. caught on camera the incredible
5:09 am
moment an amtrak train in florida smashes into a car splitting it in half. all three people in that car survives. the woman in the back seat was thrown from the car. she cracked her vertebrae. >> the crash, the noise, the impact i couldn't hear for a second or see. i was dazed. when i turned around the back of the car wasn't there. >> the driver of the car was given a $300 ticket for crossing the tracks when the gates were down. not a good idea. this morning we are learning more about the american woman who was killed by a lion. the 29-year-old was an emmy award winning visual effects editor who had recently travelled to johannesburg to volunteer. she has done work on game of thrones. she was killed when a lion lent through her car window has she was taking photos. the park is not closed+ right now and the lion will not be put down. this was a big scare at the
5:10 am
french open. watch the top corner of the screen. a large piece of metal breaks free and falls on to the spectators during the match. officials say it was really windy that day and that was what was to blame. three fans were injured. none of them seriously. about 200 fans were evacuated temporarily. and play was suspended for about 40 minutes until they figured out what went wrong. those are your headlines. that's2ye terrible. >> scary. >> there is a trend on the internet where parents try their best to discipline their children by shaming them whether it's cutting their hair into a buzz cut or yelling at them on camera. there is a fellow bywe talked to in the last hour. he decided he was going to teach his kid a lesson. that's how it appears on camera. and is about to shave his head.
5:11 am
watch this. >> sit down, son. sit up. here we go, y'all. wait a minute there's no way in the world i would ever embarrass my son like that. it doesn't take all of that. good parenting is letting your child know that you love them regardless of what they are and who they are and showing them the way by example. >> a lesson to the parents out there. not his son, isaiah who was in the video and part of it all. over 20 million people viewed the video. that's a lot of learning out there. >> i understand the two women that stand out in my mind that took the internet and went in front of cameras to discipline their kids because they were desperate to try to reform their behavior. >> that's true. everyone wants to know why he did this. he explained to us and more. watch. >> i had many comments that stated that you were doing okay until you started talking about jesus. you know that is the very reason why i made the video. that's what drove me. is my faith in god and my faith in jesus christ. and the great thing about it
5:12 am
the atheists that did come on they said well i don't like jesus but i accepted the message. what they don't know is by accepting the message they're accepting something that was inspired by my lord and savior. >> you got a guy that put out this lesson stop with the shaming of your kids. he got a lot of great feed back. the only anti-feed back was when he used the name jesus. >> right. >> his on camera rant. >> i could see you don't follow jesus since when.pqgj"on't you like jesus. he's got a good track record. demy says this. good for the father. the lesson is love your child, do not shame them. teach them do not belittle them. >> james adding this each family has a different way of raising their child. each child needs to be raised in a different way. >> sherry on facebook writes amazing message more people need to learn this way of life. love goes a long way. >> i did get chills when his son
5:13 am
gets up and gives him a hug. it's a nice message. what it can be if you choose the alternate route. >> a little play put on by the father and son to put out an important message. 13 minutes after the the hour. ae decorated officer ousted bide the pentagon by calling islamic extremisms islamic extremists. she fed school kids who couldn't afford a lunch and the school paid her back by firing her. does this lunch lady's punishment fit her crime? we're going to talk about that straight ahead. life from new york city, this is "fox and friends." ♪ nline... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today.
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to get through the day. then my friend said, "try aleve." just 2 pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong. and try aleve pm now with an easy open cap. from ft. hood to the "charlie hebdo" attack. the battle for political correctness has reached a all time how. he was ousted by the pentagon for speaking out against islamic extremism. is the administration letting political correctness get in the way of defeating the enemy. he is a former inteln& officer and
5:18 am
author of this book. blind folding america in the face of jihad. did you feel as though you nailed who our enemy was and was told to pull back? >> yes. i was brought in as an intelligence officer. the goal of intelligence is to define the enemy as he defines himself. it's not my fault he defines himself as a jihadi to impose islamic law. they asked me to purge that from my research. they purged me. the question becomes if you can't analyze al qaeda based on what they say they're fighting for how can you analyze them at+8 all? >> the fear is you say we're at war with islam, we are at war with a bunch of people. >> our goal is to define the enemy. when the nazis took over in germany they controlled germany and we had to fight all of germany. what we're seeing is that type
5:19 am
of process cycle up. i don't have to prove what true islam is to all muslims. i have to prove what islam is to the people that are fighting. >> let's took at the national intelligence report. in 2004 it mentioned the word jihad 16 times. islam 322 times. muslim 145. sharia law twice. now let's look at 2009. zero jihad, zero muslim. >> you can not target what you won't define. the war on terror and what's going on over there, but the people that we're up against feel they with win the war over here by taking advantage of how we conceptulatize the threat. if i can't use thew concepts of jihad that they say they rely on. >> the president say they bastardize islam and use it as
5:20 am
an excuse. >> president obama said isis is not islamic. but in december without supporting them, the most prestigiouscx center of islam in the world said they are islamic. >> for people reading your book he's just bitter he got fired. what do you say? >> i never asked to do it. i was brought in and i was successful at what i did. they left and brought me back in as a consultant. i was successful again. >> i would like much more if you were on our side. catastrophic failure. thank you very mup straight ahead the republican field for president is going. scott walker says he has what it takes to separate himself from the rest of the candidates. governor scott walker live. plus she's one of the country music's best selling ladies. one executive says the key to success is leaving women like
5:21 am
carry underwood off the radio. is that sexist? one of the most popular county dj's joins us live with his reaction. ♪ i took a louisville slugger to both head lights ♪
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
some quick headlines for you right now. another great honor for a true american hero. american sniper chris kyle texas governor greg abbot is naming a highway in texas after chris kyle. he posted on twitter yesterday. today i signed a law dedicating part of highway 287 b[ chris kyle memorial highway. we honor our military heroes. a church in rhode island baffled by what they believe is a sign of the spirit.
5:25 am
the red stain under this photo of jesus on the cross keeps growing but nobody knows why. the red thing looks like they blood they surmise. the pastor thinks the frame may be dissolving and dripping down the wall. just don't know. >> thanks, steve. they are some of country's biggest musicians in their history. listen to this. ♪ this one's for the girls ♪ ♪ american girl ♪ ♪ man i feel like a woman ♪ >> they're country's biggest girls. if you ask one country radio executive. he says the key to success is leaving the women out. >> keith hill said they're just not the lettuce in our salad. the lettuce is luke -- not my words. like brian and blake sheldon and artists like >uthat.
5:26 am
the tomatoes are the females. how are the tomatoes reacting to that? >> let us discuss with bobby bones. he joins us now. good morning to you, bobby. >> good morning, everybody. >> hey, so what do you think about this call by really one of the biggest ex:.aves in country radio saying that in order to make ratings here you got to keep the women, the tomatoes to the side? >> well first of all, he's not that big of an executive. he just had a little piece and he wrote it in a little country music article magazine. it's really not about women.u it's more about an authenticity type thing. what happens is three or four years ago, you had a band who completely changed the sound of country music. florida georgia line comes in
5:27 am
and they change country music and bring the sound in. and everyone tries to emument the guys. what happened is you have 15 bands that sound broke country and they're covering the radio. people are buying and loving them and it knocks out not just females but an entiremç kind of authentic type of country. you're seeing a shift back to an authenticity thing. fantasy land country that was. the women are one of the victims of it. you have other artists that aren't into the bro country. the tomato thing, it's a dumb analogy. what he meant was, you know i don't want to be called lettuce, either. what he meant right there there aren't enough females that have enough hits to play on the radio to getxz:í ratings. >> it sounds like an insult. >> there's been reaction. martina mcbride said this i feel like whether or not a song gets air play should be based on
5:28 am
how good the song is not whether it's sung by a male or female. it's like comparing tall artists to short artists. blondes to brunets. bald guys to guys with hair. what does it matter? >> a tweet came in from mitt randa lambert. this is the biggest bunch of bull dash dash dash dash dash -- >> four dashes. >> thank you i over dashed. they're not taking it as no big deal. they're ticked off. i don't blame them. >> well again, i don't think they fully read and understand the article. and for me this is our second year on a national show of doing a celebration of women. there is no one in country music that love and appreciates women in country more than i do. i grew up with reba and pam tillis. for me i've been making a point
5:29 am
to celebrate and focus on women. it's about what sells and what people are buying. that's what get put on the radio. for a while the cycle has been that of being bro country. you'll see it shift away from that. music has cycles. every format every type of music. you'll see a more authentic type of music man test itself. >> bobby bones, thanks for having uts on the radio. >> a little delay between the television and the radio. >> i didn't pick it up at all. >> really? >> got to watch your back tonight. up next. he 00n9 announcement yet, but he's already ahead in some of the polls. how does governor scott walker set apart from the rest. he's here with us live next. she fed starving kids who couldn't afford a school lunch.
5:30 am
the school paid her back with a pink slip. does this lunch lady's punishment fit her crime? we'll discuss. ♪ [phone rings] [man] hello,totten designs. sales department? yes...i can put you right through. sales department-this is nate. human resources. technical support. hold please. [announcer]you work hard to grow your business. [man] yes!i can totally do that for you. [announcer]our new online business planning tools will help your business thrive. wells fargo.together we'll go far.
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5:34 am
jeb bush marco rubio 10%. mike huckabee 9% and the list goes on and on and on. what is it going to take for somebody to become a clear front runner? >> well if we're tol get in i think part of it would be -- i haven't made an announcement yet and won't until after our budget is kundone at the end of this month. hopefully we will get our property taxes down from when i took office. we'll be back in iowa. we've been there a couple times this year. we will be there on saturday morning and saturday night. it will take grass roots organization and talking to voters, something i've done three times in the last few years in wisconsin. >> we want to thank you for being here. you said the end of the month is the time you're looking at to give you an announcement. that could give you a bump in polls. >> it certainly can.
5:35 am
that's what you've seen from others who have gotten in the race thusú$ far. our interest is less about the timing of a bump and getting through our state budget and then announcing what our intentions are. what i sense in south carolina north dakota florida. voters want somebody who can fight and win. there's a lot of great republicans in this race. we should be excited. there are two groups. people who are good fighters. many in the united states senators who have been fighting the good fight but have yet to win any real victories there. we have another group of friends of mine who are governors and former governors who are good at winning. they haven't taken on big fights in their states. we have done both. we have fought the fight on issue after issue. and we've won the fights not just at the ballot box and when the matters. >> the last time hillary clinton
5:36 am
was in a race and she lost. this time she's getting a clear run with the nomination. how is her candidacy doing? her popularity starting to fall.j favorable favoriteability is down. >> the more people see the clintons have a set of rule for them and everybody else. an elite -- almost entitlement that it's her opportunity, people don't want a leader anointed in america. they don't&haeñ someone who is part of a monarchy or legacy. they want someone who earns it. i think it's a real challenge for any candidate not to have a serious primary. the quality number of great candidates on the republican side and those coming in the future is good for the party and good for america. >> sure david axelrod who is primarily responsible for his work in the elections of president obama here said that he was actually recalling the
5:37 am
president venting about israel and he said this he said the president said i'm thinking the closest thing to a jew that has ever sat in the office. anti-semitic or anti-israel i'm hurt. he brushed off benjamin netanyahu and wasn't friendly to israel, you say? >> i was just in israel a few weeks ago. not only is the prime minister -- i got a chance to meet with benjamin netanyahu. i told him if i were to run i was there to learn. i would try to establish strong relationships between united states and israel. i talked to herzog and other leaders. i think it's pretty consistent across political lines in israel they're very concerned about this proposed deal with iran. they see it as a direct threat to their safety and security. that's anlv ally of ours we should
5:38 am
be taking it seriously. >> the patriot act, parts of it expired a couple of days ago. the have passed the freedom act that says they'll keep the meta data at the phone company rather than in the hands of the federal government. what do you think about this? >> i think we would be much better off if we fully reauthorized the patriot act. i think it's an important tool. we see it's not just post 9/11. we've seen it around the country and the world, real challenges real threats, real potentials out there. i certainly don't want to be in a position that france is in where they're saying what could we have done. let's be clear, with the patriot act being fully reauthorized as is it's not about evesdropping there is some in washington that would imply -- >> they didn't imply they said it. >> it's a matter of collecting the data and accessing it under a legal and consti process. only when we've got clear evidence that someone is connected with an enemy combatant.
5:39 am
>> is the freedom act a step back in terms of national security? >> a step back would be doing nothing. so i certainly prefer this over nothing. i justi it's another example of the failure of this president to lead. this is an example where the president could lead have used the puppetlpit to tell the american people to make sure we÷e prevent another terrorist attack out there. this is one of the many tools we need. i hope we will reestablish the patriot act. >> he is the governor of wisconsin and could possibly be the president of the united states. he's leading in polls, especially in iowa. thanks so much for joining us. look forward to your decision. >> great to be with you. i love carry underwood, by the way. keep playing it. >> we know your position on that. thank you. he's proamerican idol as well. >> how can you not love her? >> we love heather nauert. you start with a fox news alert. >> back at you steve. we have a news update. the biggest consumer recall in
5:40 am
american history sh getting a whole lot worse this morning. it turns out more than two million u.s. drives who had their takata made air bags replaced will have to swap out those airbags once again. the company is phasing out the replacement model because they say it could contain a part that was originally related to the airbags that killed six people and affected 34 million cars. a desperate search is on in oklahoma this morning for two best friends who mysteriously oo disappeared without a trace at a rock festival. cody2a and ben both 20 years went to a festival two weeks ago. a few seconds of video shows ben inside the festival. police say there has not been any activity on their bang accounts, severe weather in oklahoma is making that search there more difficult. if you have seen these young men, please contact police in oklahoma.
5:41 am
fired for doing the right thing. this is a story we are all talking about this morning. della curry is the woman you can see. she's a lunch lady at elementary school school in colorado. she lost her job after she gave away free lunches to students who couldn't afford to pay for their meals. she acknowledges she broke school policy. she hopes the district will change how they handle the school lunch program. and give nutritional to kids who can not afford them. and caught on camera the moment a young tigers fan catches a grand slam and realized it gave the other team a lead. watch this. >> right field, martinez is there. that baby is caught. it's a line drive grand slam. and the a's lead 5-3. >> that poor little kid. a roller coaster of emotions. the tigers ended up losing but4 it was a great catch. he catches it and he's excited.
5:42 am
he's like oh, no. >> 162 games will stand out but they won't remember that game. i'm trying to show everyone my method of parenting. i won't embarrass that child on faceá> how loyal is he to his team? i love that. >> he'll have to show up to how many more? >> if he was somebody loyal to his team he would do what the cubs do. >> which is lose? >> throw it back. throw the ball back. forget about souvenirs. you have enough. >> next one. don't let him beat you twice. it will be a next game of victory. a car goes up in flames with the man trapped inside. take a look at this. one brave officer make as split decision to save his life. you'll meet that hero straight ahead. ♪ i'm holding on for a hero till the end of the ♪
5:43 am
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president obama just signed the usa freedom act into law. in effect it has rebooted the nsa surveillance program, but big changes are on the way. what are they? let's talk to peter johnson jr. here with the latest. >> it's a brave new world. maybe not such a brave new world. what does the usa freedom act do? a lot of d @questions. the first thing it does, it ends the phone data collection program.- other key sections of the patriot act that that expired midnight sunday will be extended including the lone wolf provisions and roving wire tap provisions. that lets surveillance follow suspects even if they change phones or ipads or computers. the usa freedom act increases the transparency for so-called fisa court decisions. that's the court the government
5:47 am
goes to get wire tap surveillance and the like. >> you said it would end the collection program but not really thegí data will be somewhere. who is going to have it? >> you make a great point. the government has been holding it now. now it's going to be held by the phone companies. for now, the nsa is going to collect phone data for the next six months. it's going to be phased out over the next six months. after that at&t verizon other phone companies will hold on to the data. that information can be obtained by the nsa only with permission from the fisa federal court which is a court appointed by congress >> we understand the nsa turned off the spigot at 4:45 in the afternoon on monday. when is it going to resume? >> that's an interesting question. surveillance system to turning around an aircraft carrier.
5:48 am
it doesn't happen in a matter of seconds. they say it will be up and running within a day or so. we should understand there is some real changes. the government is going to have to make specific search terms in terms of the kind of information that they want. and there has to be a reasonably articulate explanation as to why they want to do it. it can't be a broad search like give me everything in ohio. give me everything in oklahoma. give me all the at&t data. at the same time decisions of secret surveillance court are going to be declassified and published. they'll will appoint five people who will give them advice about civil liberties issues. >> peter, the breaking story out of boston where this guy who was radicalized by isis came at the cops with a knife. now going forward, because they had been surveilling him for a while all they'd have to do if they wanted to tap into his phones and everything else is they know the guy's identity
5:49 am
just go get a warrant. >> true. they say that the lone wuvlolf provisions will make people like that that they will still be able to track. in time we'll see what this means. this appears to be a major victory for privacy rights activists in and congress and edward snowden who is a fugitive from america. it's a major blow to mitch mcconnell who opposed the bill. rand paul had up and downs as a result of it. in the end he kind of got his way. at the same time he took a big hit from some republicans and a lot of democrats who accused him of using his stance on this bill to raise money and campaign for the presidency. and the democrats are saying hey don't make us extras in your presidential campaign. >> peter johnson with the the
5:50 am
w's who what when and why. caught on camera a car goes up in flames with a guy trapped inside. >> get out. get out now. get out. >> look at that. a police officer making a split second
5:51 am
♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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get out. get out now.ñy get out. >> oh, my. a south carolina police officer risking life his own life running into the flames of a burning car to save a complete stranger's life. the whole thing is now caught on camera. joining us now is corporal adam willis of the mount pleasant police department. this is a heroic effort on your part. walk us through what you
5:55 am
experienced right there. >> sure thing. i was patrolling in mount pleasant. a call went out as i was going over a small bridge thatt a vehicle was fully engulfed in flames and there might be somebody in there. i looked to my left because the location was right nearby where i was. and sure enough i saw a vehicle in flames. i knew i had to get the quick and check and make sure that there was nobody in the vehicle. i hoped there wasn't anybody in the vehicle. >> then you got out the extinguisher and you realized there is somebody in there. what were you thinking? >> you know, when i went up there i was thinking i got to believe see in the vehicle. once i saw the person i was thinking please be alive, don't be dead. >> i have to ask you this were you concerned the gas tank was going to go up and you'd be blown out of there? >> when you're in the situations there's not much time to think about too much. like i said i went in there
5:56 am
with a mindset that i was going to make sure there was nobody in the vehicle. once there was somebody my mindset went to i got to get them out. >> how did you? >> fortunately the door was slightly opened and seatbelted in. i saw his arm holding the steering wheel. i grabbed his arm he looked over at me. came to looked over at me and i began telling him get out. i think you hear me say that numerous times. i pull him out from the vehicle and get him away from the vehicle. >> he is alive today. we just had to talk to you to hear that story. thank you for joining us from mount pleasant south carolina. >> a hero in our eyes thank you. >> thank you. >> more "fox and friends" in just a moment. another great story. are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr.
5:57 am
the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection. . .
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♪ the race is on and here comes pride up the back stretch ♪ >> moments ago triple crown contender american pharaoh got
6:00 am
his first job around the track at the bell mont stakes. he landed in new york city yesterday. if he wins he'll become the first triple crown winner ingq years. bill: looking forward to that. thank you everybody. we have breaking news. there has been another arrest after a terrorist suspect said to be radicalized by isis killed by police. we're awaiting a court appearance of a second suspect believed to be part of an alleged plot to attack police officers. this is developing story. we say good morning, welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. the second suspect david wright is taken into custody. you see video here. that happened north of boston. another search going on they think may be related in rhode island. it started yesterday. police shot an armed man outside after cvs. >> we have a


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